Next issue in 2015
The December 18th, 2014 issue was the final paper for the year. There will not be a paper published the week of December 22nd or 29th as the office will be closed for holidays.  The next issue of the Town Crier will be on Thursday, January 8th, 2015.  Merry Christmas!

CWL Christmas crafters inspire Grade 2/3 class
The Grade 2/3 class at Sacred Heart School in Mildmay has been busy studying the Town Crier. They LOVED the front page photo of the flowerpot snowmen created by the Catholic Women’s League in the November 13th issue.  Anna Hinsperger found her Grandma Joyce’s snowman, and shared the decoration with the class.  With the help of Julia Gutscher and Kailee Liesemer, the Grade 2/3’s were busy elves creating their own flowerpot snowman decorations.  Their teacher, Mrs. Kathy Liesemer reports that the students love reading the Town Crier each week!  Front row:  Olivia, Emily, Emery, Addison, Ella, Marcella, Cohen, Matthew. Middle row:  Kailee, Peyton, Noah, Rollin, Diego, Alex, Logan, Kathy. Top row:  Kylie, Dylan, Austin, Myia, Anna, Mitchell.


Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 was a day to remember.  To remember those who sacrificed so much so we can all experience the freedom we enjoy today.  To remember those who continue to work for peace.  The Mildmay Remembrance Day Service was held under unusually sunny skies and warm temperatures. The service began at 1:30 pm with the arrival of the parade led by members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 102 Walkerton. The Master of Ceremonies was Pete Liesemer, who also read the Honour Roll.  Mildmay WWI- Norman Ernewein, Trywitt Kidd, Clifford Hesch, William MacKay, Stephen Hickling, Bertram Patten, Gordon Hogg, Harry Schmidt, Norman Kaufman, Clarence Seiling, Raymond Keelan, Richard Keating, Daniel McPhail. Mildmay WWII- Albert Buhlman, Laverne F. Koenig, Albert Dickison, Edward L. Kutz, Reuben Filsinger, Wm. John Meyers, William Haeberle, Alphonse Steffler, J. Leonard Herbert, Charles Winters, Carl Grubb. Formosa WWI- Alex Brick, Simon Kieffer. Formosa WWII- Olive L. Litt, Arthur M. Meyer, Victor Meyer, Andrew Schmidt. Messages were delivered to the large crowd by Legion President Bryan Preston, Mayor Bill Goetz, Pastor Doug Brown and Father Van Duy Nguyen.    

Town Crier photo

Bob Buckle claims Mayor title in South Bruce
     It ended up being a fairly close race for the Mayor’s seat in the Municipality of South Bruce.
There were three people running is the 2014 Municipal Election for Mayor – Robert Buckle, Carl (Kelly) Fotheringham, and Les Nichols.  When the voting closed at 8:00 pm on Monday, October 27th, Buckle topped the polls with 836 votes. Nichols was next with 717 and Fotheringham had 671.
        The two candidates elected for Councillor at Large were Ron (Huck) Schnurr who has 1240 votes, and Mike Niesen who received 1064 votes. Ralph Kreutzwiser had 1019, and Joe Hoffarth 713.
        The Mildmay-Carrick Ward had four candidates as well.  The two elected were Wayne Huber, with 772 votes and Mark Goetz with 648. David Wood received 500 votes, and Diane Gervais 436.
        As reported in previous issues, the Teeswater-Culross Ward saw two candidates being acclaimed – namely Margie Bates and Mike McDonagh.
        Municipality of South Bruce Clerk Leanne Martin reported that  there was an approximate voter turnout of 48.5%.  A total of 2256 ballots were cast, with no blank ballots. Voters could vote via internet or telephone.  One could also go to one of two Help/Revision Centres to get assistance with the voting process.
       Ward system question
        Along with casting votes for Mayor and Council position, South Bruce electors could vote on the future of the ward system in the Municipality.
       The question read “Are you in favour of the Municipality of South Bruce passing a by-law so that all councillors, including the Mayor, are elected by general vote instead of the current system of voting?” There needed to be a  voter turnout of 50% for the question’s results to take effect, which did not occur.  It is interesting to note, though, that 1346 people voted “no” to the question, 821 voted “yes”.
    The inaugural meeting for the newly elected Council is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014.

Wendt’s Jewellery, located on Mildmay’s main street, is marking a huge milestone – they are celebrating their 130th year in business!  Wendt’s is a 4th generation business and is certainly a well-known and well respected business in the community and surrounding area.
Wendt’s Jewellery was established in August of 1884 by Charles Wendt Sr., who passed away in May of 1918.
His son, Charles Wendt Jr. was overseas fighting in World War I so Jr.’s brother Bill ran the business until Jr.’s return from the war in 1919.
Charles Wendt Jr. had to give up the business due to health reasons in 1953. His son, David Wendt, quit school at the age of 17 and that was the beginning of his 50 years of ownership of Wendt’s Jewellery Ltd.
In 1980, a gift shop was opened beside the jewellery store with a  huge expansion added in 1993.
David talked about retiring in 1985 but instead of retiring he opened another jewellery store in the town of Mount Forest in 1986.
David (who passed away in August of 2008) and his wife Shirley, along with their children, built the business up to what it is today. David & Shirley’s daughters Joanne and Carol, along with their husbands, Greg Ross and Barry Ross (yes, the two Wendt girls married the two Ross boys), took the business over in 2003.
Years ago the jewellery store was full of china, crystal, toys, musical instruments and of course jewellery, watches and clocks. Today the jewellery store, still in its original location, is known for its great selection of diamond engagement rings, gold & silver jewellery, watches and clocks. Wendt’s Jewellery also specializes in custom made jewellery as well as a complete jewellery, watch and clock repair service. Their gigantic gift store is filled with home decor, pictures and hundreds of unique gift ideas.
Wendt’s Jewellery looks forward to serving their customers for many years to come.
Congratulations and all the best to the Wendt’s as they continue their family tradition of fantastic customer service!


Port Elgin’s annual Pumpkinfest was held  on October 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Along with the giant pumpkin competitions, there were lots of other vegetable weigh-offs. Other attractions at Pumpkin-fest included craft vendors, lots of food, pumpkin carving, children’s activities, midway rides and a two day car show.


Above: A massive watermelon is being weighed during Sunday’s afternoon program

Below: Allison Bross of London, Ontario poses beside some of the huge pumpkins and gourds which had been cut in half so that everyone could take a closer look at them